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About Have A Hug

Who Made This?

Have a Hug is made by me, James Cooper, a web designer and Christmas geek from the UK!

It was made using the 2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic as a fun and simple way people could send hugs to each other.

Why the Chick?

I've always thought that the normal 'hug' emoji (🤗) is a bit odd - it's a floating face with some hands under it! For a while, me and some of my friends have used the 'front facing/standing chick' instead for hugs (on things like Twitter and WhatsApp) as it actually looks more like a hug..!

Hugs can be needed for all sorts of reasons and a 'smiley face' also might not be what's wanted/needed.

The chick is just giving you a hug no questions asked!

The chick emoji used on this site is from the 'Noto Font' set of emojis produced by Google and the graphic is released under the Apache License Version 2.0

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